Information for Parents

We are half way through the second term at Madressa. It has been a pleasure to see our children learning and flourishing.

In the main the children are arriving for 10am and are benefitting from assemblies on a variety of Islamic and community topics.

Unfortunately there have been some students consistently arriving late and being collected late. Arriving late is very disruptive during the assembly and the student misses out on a valuable educational opportunity. Being collected late is unfair to the teachers/team who have dedicated their whole morning to the Madressa.

We would ask parents to be punctual at drop off and pick up times.

There have been many examples of outstanding work which the teachers are very proud to have helped the children with.

Some teachers’ feedback is that a small group of students are not reinforcing their learning at home.

We ask parents to read the relevant chapters in the manuals with their children and listen to their Quran recitation regularly. This will accelerate their learning at Madressa.

It is essential that all students remember to bring their manuals and pencil cases to Madressa. This will avoid unnecessary delay to the start of the lesson and greatly helps the teachers.

We would like to remind parents that the teachers are voluntarily giving their time and skills every Sunday morning and preparing lessons during the week. On behalf of all the parents, students and the Madressa management team, we would take this opportunity to thank each one of them for their dedication to the students. IA their reward is with Allah (swt).

Over the rest of the year we are anticipating much more of the enthusiasm and hard work displayed by the students.

We look forward to the continued co-operation and support from the parents to achieve the best for the students.

With Duas,

Management Team.