Salaamun Aleikum

As you will all be aware the current Madressa team ably led by Hassanain-bhai Kara have served their term and will be stepping down. The Executive Committee would like to sincerely thank Hassanain-bhai and his team for the hard work and commitment and pray to Allah to reward all of them along with their noble parents, for it is only Him who would be able to truly reward such selfless efforts. I have no doubt that they will continue, as always, to support the Madressa in their future challenges Insha-Allah.

To take over from them and to have the continuity of this crucial organisation which focuses on the task of nurturing our children who are the future of our existence as a community, it is with great joy and with the grace bestowed upon us by Allah (SWT) that I write to you to inform you of a new Madressa Team who are to take over with immediate effect.

The new team is to be led by the new Principal, Asgher Sultan, are as follows:
· Dr Hamid Manji – Madrassa Management team
· Zohrain Dhanji – Madrassa Management team
· Zainab Manji – Madrassa Management team
· Imtiaz Dhanji – Secretary
· Ali Hussein Jaffer – Madrassa Management team
· Mehak Jaffer – Madrassa Management team

Asgher and his team will face many challenges that they will need the full support of the community for, and we humbly urge you all to please assist him and his team in whichever way possible. All parents of children currently attending Madressa will soon be contacted with next years registration details in the next few days Insha-Allah

With Salaams

KSI Muslim Community of Milton Keynes

Peverel Drive
Milton Keynes